Screening w/ AI

Where can we get an AI screening?

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Screening w/ AI

More than 400 medical centers in over 30 countries around the world are currently using Lunit AI.

Chest x-ray exam room

Mammography exam room

Patient consultation with AI report

Certain hospitals provide AI-generated breast cancer analysis reports for personalized consultations tailored for each patient.

Patients can check the possibility and location of breast cancer as well as breast density.
Instructions on interpreting the AI analysis result

The patient can take a look at their own mammogram images and see for themselves where cancer might be in their breasts, along with the level of risk shown in percentage.

In addition, the report provides an objective measurement of the breast tissue density(in four categories from entirely fatty to entirely dense).

Based on all this information, further tests like ultrasound or MRI can be conducted, and regular screening can be planned.

Look for a Lunit banner at the waiting room in your local hospital to see if they use AI.

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Screening w/ AI
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